Photo by Ramina Bocharova

Born in 1977, Azerbaijani painter Ramina Saadatkhan is a graduate of the Fine Arts Faculty in both the A. Azimov Art School and the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts. Apart from painting and graphic arts, the painter’s work includes experiments with photography. Shaping her authorial approach, Ramina has chosen the universal language of painting, which resonates with the modern age, as well as with myths and exotic realms. Bringing together various aesthetics and styles, her oeuvre combines collage pop-art techniques with abstract expressionism elements. Dwelling on biblical images, Ramina enters an introspection mode to create some shapes that eventually claim for generalization. The color she employs brings up an additional layer of interpretation or, the other way round, cyphers the image.

The painting naturally weaves abstract and recognizable elements into an organically sold pattern that uncovers the author’s intention and motives. In this sense, Ramina Saadatkhan’s paintings are somewhat akin to the shape composition, conventional color and ambiance display methods utilized in ancient Azerbaijani carpets and medieval miniature painting.

The painter works freely with shapes and colors to achieve a general result. Using this format, she is bordering on traditions and a vanguard of the artistic language. The works on display most likely represent a certain phase in the author’s career path, and they may shift into some new extension of some other pictorialism, still keeping the basic principles of approach to shape, color and composition.